The many health benefits of Broccoli Sprouts & Microgreens

All about Broccoli Microgreens & Sprouts

I have a client who has been ordering Broccoli microgreens & was telling me how good they are for the brain.  So today, before I showed up to do a Podcast at her business: Your Total Body Wellness, I did a little research and I must say it BLEW MY MIND!!  I knew microgreens are good for us, but little did I know how powerful these little broccoli’s are….. Here is what I learned from Dr. Rhonda Patrick PHD

Broccoli contains Sulforaphane, the most potent naturally occurring  dietary activator of the genetic pathway NRF2 which regulates  over 200  genes including antioxidant and anti inflammatory genes and genes that inactivate harmful compounds,  Sulforaphane also has potent cancer preventative effects as well at effects that likely influence cardiovascular disease and on the brain.

Then I found myself at The Long Island Microgreen Company  which also had some great info on Sulforaphanes and how there is evidence to show that all microgreens and particularly sulforaphane rich broccoli microgreens can have significant health benefits.

Sulforaphane is produced by all crufeferous vegetables but the  highest concentration comes from the sprouts of broccoli, or in the microgreens. 

They can produce up to 100X the suphoraphane concentration when compared to the mature plants and full grown broccoli

Sulforaphane has no toxicity effects on the body, even in high doses

According to the Long Island Microgeen Company,  Sulforaphane can protect you from Alzheimers disease - Parkinsons -  reduces symtoms of Autism, has anti aging properties - can improve natural detoxification - regulate glucose and reduse the risk of diabetes - help maintain your weight - lower your cholesterol - helps treat depression -  improve heart health - it has anti-inflammatory properties - proven cancer risk reduction and treatment  - overall it is one of the most powerful disease fighting compounds known to man.  And there is the Scientific data to back all of these claims up.

But what about the brain….it boosts brain function, reduces mental decline, improves recovery from brain injury! 

Wow, is that powerful or what?  As I always say…. Eat More Microgreens!  From Farm to Fork, it doesn’t get fresher than this!